Redfield Weather Code now on GitHub

My code for Redfield Weather is now available on GitHub

I had to move my secure connection strings out of the web.config and app.config files before I could post this online.  I decided to try Azure Key Vault as I am already hosting my site on Azure.  I have to say this was really easy to use and worked perfectly.  Azure doesn’t appear to have a UI for it yet in the portal, but the PowerShell commands were easy enough.  Using the Application Settings for the website in the Azure portal is a nice secure way for me to store my client ID, secret, and URI.

I am going to try to bring Key Vault to some work projects.

My project is also using some PHP code that I got from  This is for a new lightening detection project I am a part of.  It use Time of Arrival (TOA) to calculate a lightening strike.  It is pretty cool stuff.  You can learn more about it at  This code is not included in my project because I don’t own it.  I am trying to see if the developer is willing to post his code on GitHub and then I can link to it.  I have also added a Azure WebJob to my project so it will create the time-lapse GIF used by the PHP code.  You can see the time-lapse lightening map at and go down to the Lightning Timelapse microDLN section.

One of my goals is to replace the PHP code with a pure AngularJS and WebAPI site and do as much of it as I can in the AngularJS.  I am waiting for ASP.NET Core to be released before I start this project.  I will do it as a another re-write of the site.  I will also look at AngularJS 2.0 and Material design at the time.

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