Redfield Weather Updated

I have been working really hard on my updated weather website for the last month.  It is totally new from the ground up.  I will be adding more features so please check it out.

You can view the site at

I have replaced the old Weather Flash ASP page that took data from Virtual Weather Station and replaced it with an API.NET WebAPI backend.  Instead of writing to a file it is now storing the data in Azure Table Storage.  This will allow me to plot and show history from my own data.  I won’t need to count on Weather Underground for that anymore.

The site is built on top of AngularJS 1.5 using a component model.  It is also using Bootstrap to give it a responsive layout and I think it looks pretty good on a phone.

I am now working on a way to display the historical data that I have collected since I have moved to this new model.  I am first working on some graphs using the D3JS framework.  I will also be bringing back the weather maps and lightning maps that my weather station creates.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let me know in the comments section.  This is a web technologies testbed project for me using my hobby of weather as the subject.  I do plan on open sourcing the code for this project at a later date.

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