WiRES-II Setup and Running

Well I finally got everything setup and running.  My server ID is 1468, and it is running in simplex mode on frequency of 433.125 MHz and a tone of 94.8.  It is running from a tower on my roof, so not the greatest footprint, but it is a start.  To get a list of active WiRES-II stations click here, http://www.vxstd.com/en/wiresinfo-en/activelist.html.


There were some problems along the way and getting information from Yaesu was like getting your teeth pulled.  I would also like to thank WD7F John from Arizona for helping me fix some problems in my configuration and tolerating me tying up his repeaters.

One of my problem was trying to figure out how to connect the HRI-100 to the FT-8900R.  Every diagram I have seen on how to setup WiRES-II shows the configuration I have, so you would think it would include everything you would need to connect these 2 devices.  However when you get the HRI-100 it doesn’t include the expected cable.  It does include a 8 pin DIN connector with about 2′ of wire, so I ended up having to order the CT-39 packet connector for the FT-8900R.  This is a 6 pin DIN connector with again about a 2′ of wire.  You would think that after getting all this hardware that it should go together in a snap.  Well you would be wrong.  I couldn’t find anywhere online where there was a wiring diagram on how to connect the HRI-100 to the FT-8900R.  I just couldn’t believe that the configuration they display doesn’t have a wiring diagram.  Well I emailed the support email on the WiRES-II web site, and would you believe the email address they have for the US is a bad address, so that was no help.

After about a week of emails to any address I could find I finally emailed the main customer service email on the Yaesu site complaining about the lack of support, and would you believe the next day I got an answer to my email.  I finally got my wiring diagram got everything connected together and it wasn’t working.  The system wasn’t transmitting, so I rechecked my connections and I did everything that they showed.  I reviewed the packaging of of the CT-39A and I noticed that the PTT line wasn’t connected in their diagram.  I thought that was strange so I decided to wire the PTTs together and see what happened, and would you believe it worked.  I finally had WiRES-II transmitting and receiving on the Internet and on my local radio.

So nobody else has to go through the headache that I did wiring this up here is the correct wiring diagram (pin outs) that you would need to connect your HRI-100 to a FT-8900R

Wiring Layout
FT-8900R to HRI-100
FT-8900R   HRI-100
PIN Description   PIN Description
1 PKD (Data in)   3 Audio Out
2 GND   5 GND
3 PTT   6 PTT
4 RX9600   8 N/C
5 RX1200   7 AF Input
6 PKS (SQL)   1 Busy/COR

Well I hope that can help someone out there.  Where my headache can be someone else’s joy and easy setup.

You would think that this would be the worst of it, but you would be wrong.  I can’t believe in this day and age that to sign up for an Internet based service you have to snail mail in your application.  I don’t understand why I can’t fill out this application online and then within a few hours I should get my server ID.  I sent in my application and about 10 days later I got an email with my server ID.  The software I had was older so I went to the web site to download the newer version.  To access the download site you need your server ID and the serial number of your HRI-100.  Well my login wouldn’t work, I couldn’t login to the download site or sign-in to the older software that I already had.  The serial number that they had was wrong.  Several emails and many hours later they fixed my serial number on their servers and everything was working.

All that said I am pretty happy with the setup, it is nice to see a manufacture make a full Internet solution.  I do have a couple suggestions that I would like to see.  First I would like to see them put user forums on their WiRES-II web site.  Their email support is so slow and user forums could really help.  I would also like to see them make the software compatible with EchoLink.  There should be no reason they couldn’t do this and it would really widen the reach of a WiRES-II system.

WiRES-II isn’t very popular in the US, so I may have to switch to EchoLink down the road.  I may see if I can cross connect them myself on the same radio and computer, but I am not sure if all this will run on one computer with multiple sound cards.


  1. I just checked it out thanks for the link. That looks like a much bigger system than what I want to setup right now. WiRES is something that is pretty simple to setup once you have the basics, and I hope my site will help other people trying to setup a WiRES system.

    Thanks for visiting my site. I know it has been a while since I have updated it, but I do plan on posting more.


  3. Greetings,
    I have a WIRES capable HT (VX5R) and a wires ready FT-7800R. I have a RD Tecnologies DRSCI, interface that I use for Packet and APRS running PEPRO engine.

    I was led to beleive that wires was a way to do packet. My qestion is: with what I am using can I connect to wires, is there special software for wires, and where are the nodes?

    I am a snowbird from Nevada to Arizona.

    73’3 KE7EAA

    • WIRES does require special hardware and sofrware. For hardware you need the HRI-100, and when you get that you need to register with Yaesu. Once you register with Yaesu they will give you the information needed to install the software.

      Hope this helps.

      73 – KD8FWV

  4. WIRES II Info: If you are having problems figuring out how to wire up your Wires II, Call Yaesu and tell them what radio you will be using. They have a plug-N-play cable ready to go. It is a bit costly at $30.00 but no headaches.

    Parts Department (Manuals, Parts 8 am – 4 pm PST):
    (714) 827-7600
    (714) 527-1706 FAX
    Email : yaesuparts@vxstdusa.com

  5. Hi, can you help? I have just bought a HRI-100 wires unit from e-bay, no power cable no audio cables and no computer cable or software and manual. The only thing that came was a lead that goes from the radio socket on the back of the wires unit to an RS232 male plug on the other end. Not knowing anything about this but wanting to have a go as any keen radio ham would. Please if possible and if you have the time tell me how to set it up to my Yaesu 847 also i have wirless broadband here and my computer has only usb sockets. If possile could you send me a copy of the Hri-100 cd as from the yaesu its not all there and bits are missing. Sorry to ask so much but it seems there are very few people you can ask or even get advice from. Happy christmas de 2e1 ikb (Baz)

  6. I JUST CANNOT UNDERSTAND IT AFTER WAITING ALMOST THREE WEEKS NOW YAESU UK HAVE STILL NOT SENT ME ANYTHING REGARDING REGISTRATION FOR WIRES. I HAVE TELEPHONED THEM AND THE PERSON Responsible said he is waiting for the people in Japan to get back to him, but he acknowledged reciept of my registration document. So much for quick service, never mind this time next year we should have just got started, thats if we follow the current trend. Happy new Year to one and all de 2E1 IKB (BAZ).

  7. Quote

    I have been wating 4 weeks now and not a sigle word from them. I have sent email to every yaesu address I have been able to google but no response.

    This is NOT a good customer support and it is NOT a simple registration as they write on their homepage.
    To bad I didn’t know this before I spent over 250€ on this box.

  8. greetings ladys and gents i am in charge of a Disaster team in pa we are have radio problems with the system we have now we are running on a uhf system and sometimes we cant reach our dispatch to have them talk to the county dispatch so we are checking out the wiresII system to see what people are saying about it what do people think should we use the wiresII or the echolink witch one is better

    • The biggest issue I have with Wires-II is the setup to get your station ID.  For a modern age having to mail in your signup information to get your station ID is horrible.  That said the setup for Wires isn’t to bad and it is nice having a device dedicated to it, but it could be better. 

      I haven’t been running my station very much lately.  I need to get it back up and running and see if they have updated the software. 

    • It is kind of a cool product, but their support and how non technical setup was was so disappointing.  They may have improved this over the last few years, but I don’t know.  I haven’t used this in a while, it was more of an experiment for me and I guess I just found it frustrating and difficult to setup everything when everything came from the same manufacture.

  9. You are complaining at 3 weeks –I sent my card to them – no reply but then I did not think anything would come of it -and it has been ongoing now for 7 yes Seven years –so I hold no hope of ever getting it to work
    I was scammed when I bought wires ii— at the moment it is laying on my desk and ANY offers for it would be most Welcome
    I am most disappointed at or with YAESU in as much as I swear by their equipment and own quite a lot of HAM Grade equipment , but sorry this time you have shot your selves in the foot

    • They tried to make a really easy to setup Internet Repeater but like you said they shot themselves in the foot on this one. I love their radios, but by not having an electronic registration for this device is just crazy. It is a device that uses the Internet so you would kind of expect the person setting it up to have an Internet connection.

      I don’t have my setup up and running any more.

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