Got My License

Well I just got my HAM radio license KD8FWV. This is something I have wanted to do for years. My dad WA8MNF has been a ham for as long as I can remember. Since they have removed the Morse code requirement from all the levels I figured it was about time. I only have my Technician right now, but I am thinking I want to go all the way to Extra. Not sure what else I will do with it but I am looking forward to learning new stuff. I am really excited to see what I can do with my computer and my radio.

For my first radio I purchased a Yaesu VX-7RB. I purchased it from, and I would have to say I would high recommend them. When I purchased my radio I accidently ordered an extra belt clip. They emailed me before they shipped the order and told me about the problem and credited my credit card the money for the extra belt clip.

I have on order everything to setup a WIRES-II (Wide-coverage Internet Repeater Enhancement System). I purchased a FT-8900R and a HRI-100 to get my radio on the Internet. I haven’t gotten them yet; the FT-8900R is on back order. I should get them this week and I am pretty excited to get this up and running.

I will get pictures and more information about my WIRES-II site up when everything is up and running.

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